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Seamless Selling Strategies

Armed with in-depth market knowledge and a talent for tactics, I negotiate deals that leave you feeling confident and happy every step of the way


I'm always two steps ahead, crafting and launching targeted, buzz-worthy marketing that gets your home noticed—and sold


No cookie-cutter plans here—I get the scoop on your home’s personality and whip up a marketing plan that hooks the right buyer from the get-go


Eyeing the best possible price for your home? I'm your go-to. I blend market data with a relentless drive to champion your interests, ensuring each offer on your home is as attractive as it should be. Let's make your sale a standout success.

Maximizing Your Home's Value

Let me help you get top dollar for your home

hOME Seller


First, I'll visit your home for a detailed evaluation, offering improvement tips and a Comparative Market Analysis. Together, we'll decide on the ideal listing price, discuss staging options, and strategically choose the best time to enter the market.

If you love dogs, I'll bring my husky, Pagos, along with me!

The Listing Consultation

Step 01



After careful preparation and staging, I'll enlist a leading local real estate photographer to beautifully capture your home. High-quality photos are vital in today's digital market, serving as the all-important first impression for potential buyers on the MLS and social media.

Professional Photography

Step 2


Step 3

Now that your home is on the MLS, it's time to ensure it gets the spotlight it deserves. Before becoming a realtor, I was an entrepreneur and specialized in marketing. My strategic marketing plan includes social media ads, traditional print marketing, open houses, private showings, proactive buyer outreach, and a tailored marketing strategy. Your property won't sit idly; it will stand out and attract the attention it deserves.

Let's Maximize Exposure


It's particularly advantageous to entrust showings to experienced agents, trained in showcasing your home to its full potential. I understand the intricacies of presenting your property in the best light and making a lasting impression on potential buyers.
When a buyer's agent comes to the home with their client, they don't just walk in blind - I equip them with the tools they need to market the property to their client in the best light.

Time For Home Showings

Step 4


As soon as we receive an offer, I'll guide you through every detail, ensuring you understand each aspect of the contract. You can then accept, reject, or counter based on your preferences and market dynamics, empowering you to make informed decisions about your home.

Offers & Negotiations

Step 5


Step 6

Once under contract, the buyer will conduct inspections and we'll negotiate any repair requests. Be aware - contingencies in the contract may allow the buyer to withdraw if significant issues arise, but I'll guide you smoothly through this phase for informed decision-making.

Inspections & Repairs


Step 7

During escrow, the mortgage lender will order a home appraisal, and I'll be there to educate you on your seller's rights and navigate any appraisal challenges. Your peace of mind is my priority, ensuring you're well-informed at every step.

Navigating The Appraisal Process


Step 8

We're almost there! Before closing, you'll fulfill any remaining obligations like home repairs. We'll review closing costs together. Once the paperwork is signed, it's time to celebrate – your home sale is a success! 

Congrats, Your Home Is Sold!

Partnering with me means gaining a trusted ally who has extensive experience in sales and marketing. I'll use innovative tools and personalized strategies to navigate the market, ensuring your selling experience is smooth and successful.

I'm committed to securing the best deal with transparency, dedication, and integrity at every step.

Unlock the potential of your property with my strategic approach. I leverage advanced market analysis, targeted advertising, professional staging, stunning photography, and modern media to showcase your home's best features. 

Tailored Selling Strategies for Maximum Impact In a competitive market

Crafting a Buzz That Sells

My strategic Marketing Plan

Click through to view my next level plan to get your home sold. 

I'll conduct comprehensive market research to price your home competitively, ensuring it attracts the right buyers and garners the best possible offers in current market conditions.

Market Analysis & Pricing Strategy


My team will transform your space with professional staging and high-quality photography, highlighting your home's unique features and appeal to create a compelling and memorable listing.

Professional Home Staging & Photography


I'll implement a dynamic, multi-platform advertising strategy, utilizing social media, online listings, and traditional media to ensure maximum exposure and attract a diverse pool of potential buyers.

Targeted Digital Marketing Campaigns


I'll organize and host open houses and private showings, showcasing your property to interested buyers and buyers' agents in a welcoming and professionally managed environment, ensuring every visit counts.

Open Houses & Private Showings


My approach to the closing process is seamless, comprehensive, and supportive, managing every detail from initial offer to final paperwork to ensure a smooth, stress-free transition for you.

Negotiation & Closing Assistance


Partnering with me means gaining an edge in Santa Barbara's market. My approach combines deep local knowledge, innovative marketing strategies, and a personal dedication to your success that sets me apart.

Selling your home in Santa Barbara is more than just a transaction, it's a personal journey and a huge achievement. As your neighbor and local expert, I'm here to guide you with heartfelt advice and deep understanding of our unique market.

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